The importance of keeping accurate records of your safeguarding or child protection concerns may seem obvious but as you know it’s sometimes the small incidents that give those early concerns. Safeguarding children is not only the job of designated safeguarding leads, deputy safeguarding leads and senior leadership teams. Everyone in school has the responsibility to identify and record their concerns.

Recent inspections and serious case reviews often find that things are missed when schools don’t look at other aspects of the Childs life such as Mental Health and Special Educational Needs. Children often display behaviours prior to any child protection concerns materialise.

RecordMy helps your keep all of this information together whilst preserving the security around the data. This allows you to control what data is available to whom. Not only does this allow effective recording, chronology building and reporting for those individual teams but truly allows you to see detailed chronologies based on everything you choose to record. Furthermore, in any inspection it will be important to provide evidence of robust and effective safeguarding policy and practice and with RecordMy, you are in safe hands.

Times have changed! The days of paper records are decreasing at an increasing rate in favour of systems such as CPOMS, MyConcern, Cura, Safeguard Software and Safeguard My School. What these systems lack is the ability to bring in anything other than those safeguarding concerns. This is where we differ! You can have your SENDCo recording and communicating with staff and Behaviour teams can action any behaviour related incidents. This gives you full control to amalgamate chronologies from different areas in to one (obviously you control who sees what) giving staff a true understanding and patterns of behaviour!

What you end up with is not only an effective safeguarding, behaviour and SEND recording system but you choose what you want to record. With our built in attendance data, RecordMy can provide a detailed timeline of everything you choose to record!