Safeguarding Software for Schools, Business, Football and more!

Safeguarding your students, players or learners has always been a challenge. Recording safeguarding concerns, behaviour, SEND and everything else allows you to see the bigger picture. Build detailed chronologies of it all and what's more you can see it all together. Why not get in touch for a demonstration today!


In a world where people work from different locations, on any device - our software won't hold you back.

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We can have you up and running rapidly, integrate with your MIS or management system quickly.


We know how important your data is and that's why we are here if you ever need us, no matter what time of day it is.


We have designed RecordMy to incorporate the latest in security standards, including multi-factor authentication with a Full Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system.


Whether you're a single school, charity, business or a group of schools - you'll love our reporting.

Detailed Chronologies

It's what we are the best at! Combine student information to produce detailed chronologies, never missing that vital piece of the puzzle.

Why us?

Safeguarding Software for schools, business, football and more! Our software is truly the most advanced out there – but don’t worry, we have made it super easy to use. Keeping things separately means you can’t see the bigger picture, you can’t spot emerging trends and could even miss that vital piece of the puzzle.

So whatever your safeguarding or recording needs are, we have the solution. Whether it’s safeguarding, SEND or First Aid, you can choose what you want to record, giving you a true ability to see that bigger picture. Its fully customisable so you don’t have to change your current procedures – just use RecordMy to enhance what you do making your current processes super effective!

What else do you do?

As well as providing the best safeguarding software for schools, businesses, football clubs and more, we also make sure you stay in the know! We constantly evolve and change in line with legislation and best practice. We provide regular updates and resources from key documents such as Keeping Children Safe in Education, Working together to safeguard children and through resources such as NSPCC and Ofsted

What can we record?

If you’re looking to record safeguarding concerns we have you covered but why not expand on that and really help your designated safeguarding leads spot those emerging trends. RecordMy allows schools, business, football and charities to record safeguarding concerns, SEND, early help and pretty much anything else you need. Some common items include things such as SEND, Behaviour, Early Help and Medical, but remember its fully customisable so you can choose what you want to record and how you do it.

You can also keep track of things like attendance and referrals too! Choosing the right piece of safeguarding software can be difficult but we are so confident that you’ll love ours you can try it for free and see how it works before purchasing. We don’t stop there – we don’t tie you down to lengthy contracts and minimum terms either.

How do you compare to other safeguarding software used in schools?

Our safeguarding software is for schools, businesses, football clubs and many others and the best way to see what we do is by having a demonstration or trial! We believe our safeguarding software is the most advanced, customisable and the easiest to use and we think you’ll agree!

What our customers say

Dean Buckle

Head of Compliance, Northumberland FA

"Our recent successful safeguarding audit praised our adoption of the RecordMY system. It has improved our ability to record cases and respond to concerns – helping to keep football safe for everyone. We would be pleased to advise any clubs, county FAs or other organisations about our experience of the system"

Mrs Crompton

Head Teacher, Thaxted Primary School

"Our school was using another provider prior to September 2022, we found that the ability for us to see more information in one place allowed us to better safeguard our children. We would highly recommend RecordMy to any school!"

Mrs Whelan

Trust DSL, James Montgomery Academy Trust

"We have implemented RecordMy across all of our schools and are delighted with the ease of use and the detailed reporting we can achieve. We have tried other systems in the past and we have always found we have to sacrifice our processes and procedures to accommodate the way software works. This is not the case with RecordMy, we have been able to customise the software to our needs and it's really made a difference to how we safeguard our students."

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