Safeguarding Software for International Schools, Business, Football and more!

Safeguarding your students, players or learners has always been a challenge. Recording safeguarding concerns, behaviour, SEND and everything else allows you to see the bigger picture. Build detailed chronologies of it all and what's more you can see it all together. Why not get in touch for a demonstration today!


In a world where people work from different locations, on any device - our software won't hold you back.

Fast Setup

We can have you up and running rapidly, integrate with your own data sources or management system quickly.


We know how important your data is and that's why we are here if you ever need us, no matter what time of day it is.


We have designed RecordMy to incorporate the latest in security standards, including multi-factor authentication with a Full Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system.


Whether you're a single school, charity, business or a group of schools - you'll love our reporting.

Hong Kong Location

Your data is stored in our Hong Kong location and can be separated in to your own secure location.

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